As the ban on gambling has lifted sports betting has entered into a new phase of acceptance. You can bet from all the 50 states without legalizing into wager. From ancient time people have been betting on sports and are trying to find ways to infiltrate the games which can put your odds in their favour. There are many big scandals that were created due to due to people gambling some of the best are.

The Black Sox

This is America’s Biggest Basketball spectacle which was a disastrous one. This was a game where the Chicago White Sox who were defeated 9-1 in the game. The degree at which the whole team played made it into a topic of debate. It was turned out that Sox threw the series and the commissioners where fixed. The black sox was found guilty after a year and was banned from baseball for life.

CCNY point shaving

In the year 1951 32 basketball players were accuse involvement in to a mafia run point shaving scheme. It was a major blow for college basketball especially when considering the amount of students that were accused. The scandal decimated the team which was rival the Yankees and the Dodgers for New York sports supremacy. There were many essential measure that were taken despite them being blamed. Kentucky was banned from all the season that was conducted later.

Pete Rose

In the year 1989 betting on games was something that Pete Rose denied. He later admitted it to be true and betted on managing the reds. Evidence showed that Rose bet $2,000 which he bet against his own team. Although, no evidence was discovered this claims seems to be legitimate.

Paul Hornung and Alex Karras

Paul Hornung and Alex Karras was former NFL MVP who had a record which was created in the year 1960 which stood for more than 46 years. Hornung and Karras was blamed routinely bet on NFL games and was known to be associated with the gamblers. They were later suspended for the whole season.

John Hot Rod Williams

Before he became the beloved NBA veteran the John Hot Rod Williams faced many scandals especially when it came to understanding the basketball program for the four seasons. This scandal involved a lot of money, cocaine, etc. William went on trails twice and in the first trail he was declared to be mis-trail and later he was acquittal on five counts. He still went on to play 13 years in the NBA.

Rick Tocchet

This NHL All star was guilty when he was involved in a $2 million gambling ring that took bets form the rich and famous. There were many twists and when there were many well known names which was great downfall for him.


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