Most beginners are unaware of how they can make use of the massive wagering opportunity. This can be confusing to beginners as they can find it complex to work with. There are a lot of them the final outcome that people bet on. Here are some ways you can earn the right win.

Win bet/Money line wager

Win bet is one of the most universally known form of bet. This is a straight bet where you can use some type of wager where you can easily spread on the wagers and win. A win bet is one of the most popular wagers one can use to make the deal known. It is one of the most easiest to understand as it is the traditional way to bet. This is one wager that you can use in virtually in every sport which involves simple picking the team who wins the game.

Point Spreads

This is one type of wager which can make it more suitable for football enthusiasts. This is one of the most commonly placed bets where you are going to be betting on which participant will complete the point spread. The size of the spread is the determinant which can make it easier for the points awarded or deducted. This can sound a bot complicate but is one of the more easier and straightforward way to bet.

Handicap betting

This is very similar to the point spread betting where you are being awarded the best for the teams and the purpose of the betting. Points are still awarded and is not really the best when you are trying to play favourites. Handicap betting gives you the opportunity to improve your chances at winning by reducing or improving the odds.


This is a type of wager where the idea is to make sure that a bookmaker sets a line higher or lower to the total number of lines of points, goals, runs which needs to be scored in the game. Betting on higher is referred to as backing the over and when you bet lower it is referred to backing the under.

Prop bets/Specials

Proposition bet is a special bet which can be used in two different terms to describe a wager. This wager is considered to be the wager that has placed for a bit more fun than anything else. This is not for serious bettors but if you just want to win a few bucks. These prop bets involves a lot of guess work. Some of the things that you can bet on are first player to score a goal, time of first goal, time of touchdown, time of first corner, etc.


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